Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

bad and good

egads I feel bad today. I don't know what my deal is, I woke up all headachy thinking it was the couple glasses of wine I had last night, but things went downhill from there, I was achy everywhere by the time I got to work. I've been full of tylenol all day. Marc thinks it might be temperature variation sickness of some kind... outside, it's 103, but in my office where I work it's... not. I can't tell you what it is because I don't have a thermometer with a kelvin readout but it's cold and miserable, and when my hands go numb I go outside to recuperate. Not sure what else to do about that.

everything else is super great. marc is trying to use all our wedding presents in one week, I think. last night he made me stuffed shells for dinner! we used the food processor together because it's hella fun... might change our lives, we food processed onions and mushrooms and spinach and garlic and whatever else we could find around the apartment to throw in there. then he baked the shells in our new lasagna pan, set the pan it on a new silicon trivet, and we ate them with our new flatware. our friends rock. the haul from this wedding was incredible, we're set for life. humaazul happened to be around to enjoy the meal with us... marc comes from one of those families where you show love by overfeeding people, so the three of us ate almost half of what he made (but not quite). anyway I'll have to start thank you notes soon, I addressed some before the wedding so it shouldn't be too bad.

we only got one ugly bowl with fruit painted on it. hey, there's got to be something.
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