Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

we're home!

it took freaking forever to get out of the las vegas airport on a sunday morning, but we made it! then we went to visit friends for a post-wedding gift unwrapping party, there were about six of us, no biggie, they grilled hamburgers and we had beer and then opened presents. we played bocce ball in their front yard with our new set. after it got dark we packed up and left, because marc has to be at work at 4 in the morning. oh... we did manage to stop and wash all the "JUST MARRIED"-ness off my car so I could inconspicuously drive to work tomorrow.

wedding presents are awesome. egads we got a lot of stuff. we got two blenders; marc wants to keep both. we got a lot of gift cards. I need to see where they're all from... last week we discussed new luggage. I have luggage, but the feet broke off my big suitcase so after you're done rolling it, if you try to set it back up it just falls over.

the last night of our honeymoon we had a nice steak dinner together at the Riviera. We enjoyed the food, and the wine, and each other, and then this bachelorette party came in and sat at a table on the other side of the room. I thought about going up to the girl in the hideous veil and telling her congratulations, telling her that I'd just been married too. I'd tell her to reduce her absolute minimum by 10% before turning in her buffet headcount. I'd tell her not to get tired during that last week, and if you feel like limo timing will be screwed up, change it, even if you're sick of bugging people and calling everyone back. I'd tell her to carefully plan out who will have keys and cell phones so you don't have to chase them down the next day. But I didn't... by the end of the meal I guess I'd stopped thinking about it, I just felt like I was out of that world and happy to be out of that world. After the bill was paid Marc and I went upstairs without saying anything to anyone. We hadn't needed to talk to anybody all week, and certainly saw no reason to start now... we'd be fine in our little world for one more night.
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