Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

manky sneakers

When I ran track, I had a shoe ritual. Every year I'd buy a new pair of running shoes, these would be only for running. Last year's shoes would be all broken in so they'd be demoted to everyday shoes, and the previous shoes would be demoted to lake/yardwork shoes, and the previous lake/yardwork shoes would find the trash.

Then I quit track, but still bought a new pair of running shoes that year for aerobics and recreational running, which I assumed I'd be doing a lot of. heh.

The issue: new running shoes didn't get broken in quite enough yet (it's been two years) but everyday shoes are dying. Little peices of plastic sticking out everywhere, shoelaces need replaced, holes, etc... but they're some of the most comfortable shoes I've owned in my life (well, were before they fell apart) so it's been tough to part with them even though they've served their time and deserve the lake/lawnwork retirement plan.

I've made this waaay too long a story, basically, I need to throw my precious shoes away, it's the only way to stop wearing them and go straight to my newer running shoes, the pain! I can't do it! It's too stressful!

They are awfully nasty.

In other news, I worked on senior design all morning until I decided I needed a break so I went on a shopping spree at ordered four project cases, nicer quad op-amps to take the place of those crappy 741s I keep killing, and (finally!) some oscillators. Didn't buy LEDs or and switches, for the first time ever, almost went into shock over that one. LEDs are the coolest ever and I usually buy 20 or so just to complete an offer, esp. if there's a good deal on blue ones. mmm.
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