Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

vegas with the man!

yes, I have wedding pics. no, I don't feel like posting them yet! we're still going through them, there are 1000 or so and we haven't even seen the professional ones.

this trip has been awesome so far. today we splurged and got internet, mostly to do research. it was a good day... we're on the strip, we woke up, did a breakfast buffet, went to the pool, laid there, came back upstairs and passed out until 11 pm. woke up again, went to the Empire Ballroom for good house music. coming from Wichita, electronic music of any form is like a drink of water.

the other days were fun too but I don't feel like writing too much because, you know, it's vegas touristy stuff. or honeymoon... you know what people do on honeymoons, I don't have to go into detail about why there are only 1-2 interesting events per day happening here. I think I'll tell our honeymoon story with keywords.

sunday: good flight, rental car company screwed up, the only available car was a mustang convertible. luxor food is overpriced.

monday: $15 warp core drink at the star trek bar got us both drunk... good deal! so much outlet shopping.

tuesday: mt. charleston is beautiful. trails at 7,600 ft suck. bruising from unfortunate hot tub accident. glad the wedding is over so I don't have to be pretty, huh?

wednesday: we're just walking from nyny to caesar's, there are only two casinos in between, right? sort of. really wish I'd worn sunscreen. zumanity was INCREDIBLE.

thursday: frozen pina coladas. pool. empire room.

you know what's stupid about vegas? the nightlife here is so awesome, but all the hotels are still 3 pm checkin, 11 am checkout. What we need is one that's 3 am checkin, 11 pm checkout. This would make clubbing much easier. because during the day, I'd like to just lounge around in the hotel room and not worry about these things.

friday: we've been trying all week to go see the simpson's movie. take that back... we've been trying for two weeks. let's keep our fingers crossed, huh?
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