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meanings and traditions

that icon of marc and I is almost two years old... egads. it's funny thinking about who we were in that picture. we didn't even know each other. I just wanted to hang out with him because I liked his music, and he made me laugh.

something we have both talked about is how we can feel our wedding bands, even though we're not wearing them yet. there's just more awareness of that finger. I think of him and feel something on my left hand. I'm cognizant of it. It makes me think sometimes of what I'd be feeling if I had an engagement ring... not being a fan of any engagement rings, I told him early on he could skip that part and go straight to buying wedding bands and then we'd tell parents and make plans. aside from a somewhat quiet story about our engagement sub woofer, that's what he did. I had been a little worried that I'd have to convince people we were really seriously engaged, but as it turns out nobody's really questioned it. I guess something about having a firm date set helps that one out. Anyway I wonder if this feeling of not having a ring but always thinking of it, and feeling it, would have been overshadowed by another ring in its place. I'm glad I'm not wearing anything there now.

final bit of news is from the "if you read it on wikipedia it must be true..." department: there's a strong possibility that the "tradition" of the unity candle was made popular in the 1981 wedding of Luke and Laura on General Hospital. I believe it. people... fight anti-tradition traditions! marc and I ditched the unity candle idea along with a lot of other popular notions we thought sounded like contrived marketing ploys... personalized toasting glasses, freezing the top of your cake for a year, ring bearer pillows, you name it. don't get me wrong, we're having a very traditional wedding. we just threw out a lot of crap. the unity candle is something we get asked about a lot... mostly by our ceremony musicians, asking us if we'll be lighting a candle during their performances, to which we answer, "No, we'll be watching you sing because you're incredible, why distract ourselves? I hate missing good music."

mom did ask me to buy a guestbook though. I guess I'll do that tomorrow. Or saturday morning, on the way to the church. she'll never have to know if you all don't tell her.
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