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am I the worst livejournaller ever or what? All I wanted to say is that I've been in Oshkosh, WI all week for EAA Airventure... a week long airplane expo/fly-in/airshow/conference/whatever else and it was overwhelming. we'd leave for oshkosh at 8 in the morning and get back around 10 at night, after walking in the sun all day. and I don't even think I saw all the airplanes even though we did this for four days straight. there are infinity. I'll write more later. good things though: it got me away from wedding junk for a week, which was much needed. I didn't get that sick panic feeling for five days straight. it was amazing. now marc is here and we've driven up to the Michigan upper peninsula for a weekend and it's beautiful, and we missed each other like crazy and have been talking the whole time, catching up and being happy. we're in our own little world. our own fabulous, distracted little world.
Tags: aviation
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