Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

marc had a weekend off, which was crazy! I used it to force him to cook dinner for my parents; we grilled salmon saturday which was yummy. we also had some green beans and portobello mushrooms, both purchased that morning from the farmer's market a block from our apartment. when I first moved here I figured I'd get all my food from those people but to tell the truth, I spend a lot of saturday mornings not feeling like going out in the sunshine if you catch my drift.

sunday we went to breakfast and then church, and then spent the afternoon outside. we went to the zoo because we haven't been in forever, and that was fun... they had a giraffe born on Friday so we got to see it, and the girl working with the giraffes turned out to be someone marc knows from the clubs so she told us all about it. I guess little giraffes just sleep most of the time. I feel like it would suck to be born a baby giraffe... they're kind of tall and awkward anyway, if you add that to the awkwardness of babyhood it sounds miserable.

then he had a work picnic in a park so we took our sweaty selves to grab some free food and got, well, sweatier. I came home from that all exhausted, took a shower and we went to bed around 10 but now I'm awake for some unknown reason.

oh, marc also used his time off to research and show me pictures of guinea pigs. he adores them and thinks we need one, you know, since we're going to be married and that makes people want to start a family and pets are our preferred family route right now. the issue is that he's allergic to most furry things, and I'm allergic to cats, so I'm not sure how the guinea pigs will work out. last week we went to petland and snorgled some to test it out, and it wasn't so awful, and they were adorable and squeaky, so we'll have to see on that one. I would love to have a small furry animal. we're not allowed dogs in the apartment. but we could get parakeets too... marc and I have both owned parakeets before and aren't allergic to them, so that might make them the option.
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