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wedding shoes

I've ordered like $500 worth of shoes in the past couple weeks, and yes I'm sending most of them back, but hey, isn't life grand when random shoes show up at your door when you get home all the time?

I ordered some various white dressy flat shoes. I am over six feet tall, and the man is basically my same height, and when we go out I wear heals a lot because I don't really mind being taller than him. I mean, it's cool to own it, right? But for our wedding I wanted to look about even when we're standing in front of everyone. Anyway these coloriffics are the best out of those.

they still feel stupid though... maybe because I don't wear white dress shoes ever. plus they bring back all these annoying memories of the shoes I've bought so I wouldn't be taller. I was the girl who wore old lady flats to senior prom. the one who wears loafers to work every day. anti-elegant. genetically non-bridal. I cannot relate to the sex and the city characters buying cute strappy heals to go with outfits, because i would scare people... and I should not even try to be elegant in flats because flats are, well, not elegant.

On the other hand... last Christmas I bought the man some black and gray pinstripe converse all-stars, and he loves them to death, we joked about them being his wedding chucks. well he really is getting married in them now. it's sort of the one last thing we're clinging to as a reminder of the time this would be a small, simple, non-traditional, not too much family involved affair. So I ordered myself some to wear during the reception, I picked out these white ones with black flowers on the sides... my dress is all white with glassy beads and no black anywhere on it, but it's also very very long so nobody will see the flowers unless they want to, or I'm really running somewhere.

the weird thing is, I absolutely love these shoes. I love putting them on and thinking about my wedding day, I think they're beautiful, I feel special. well, princessy. I own scores of converses, I still have pairs from when I was 14 or 15 that I've just taped together because they only get more fabulous as they age. so now I've got this big decision about whether to really save them for the reception, or just wear them down the aisle. stop trying to be everyone else's definition of princessy and just make up my own. tougher than you think, serious.
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