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downtown life adventures

last night... shit. so we're all hanging out drinking behind our apartment building in this common area with some neighbors, and I get up to go inside and make some jello shots for the float trip tomorrow. it was 11 or so. I was in there for probably ten seconds when L comes POUNDING on my door... "WHERE'S YOUR PHONE? CALL 911. MARC JUST HIT SOME GUY WITH A CHAIR." WTF? Then Marc comes in with his shirt all ripped up but no blood or anything, which is a relief. Marc used to be a bouncer at a club, and was good at the "look big and intimidating" part but terrible at the fighting part. Every time it actually got physical, he lost. He was always coming home cut up or beaten or not seeing straight, it was terrible. lover not a fighter. so why hit someone with a chair?

apparently some drunk guy had wandered into our apartment parking lot and started pissing on cars, a wall, etc. (we live downtown right by the bars, so this is annoying, but not surprising) One of our neighbors asked him not to do this. the guy hits him. the neighbor knocks him down. the guy gets up. the neighbor walks back towards where we'd been sitting, and this guy is still following him, trying to knock him down but he's so drunk he can't really do much... he punches a metal pole a few times, yells a bunch, his buddies come over and these horribly drunk girlfriends of theirs. by this time someone was trying to call/flag the cops down, but there were none to be found, and nobody was answering 911 (it rang like 14 times, that gives you confidence, right?) finally drunk guy tries to pick up a metal deck chair from the tables, goes to hit our neighbor with it, marc picks up a plastic chair and hits him, he collapses. Big head gash on his brow, lots of blood, his drunk wife is there trying to kick everybody's ass, she rips marc's shirt and starts hitting him, it's great fun.

Finally we were able to flag a cop down so I go get marc from inside to talk to them, with this sinking feeling like the night would end with him getting arrested, but the cops were really cool. The got the parametics to bandage up massively drunk guy. They pulled the drunk girls off marc... they were yelling and screaming, "HE DID THIS! HE KILLED HIM! IT WAS HIM! and he tried to choke me, and hit me, and probably beats all his women, and he's fat..." and one of them punched marc in the chest RIGHT in front of the cops and they start asking how bad she wants to go to jail. The attacking group consisted of one large more sober guy who seemed to understand the situation, and he started on "hold the drunk girls back" duty. Marc was all shakey but the cops didn't talk to him much, got his name and info and said that it sounded like he did what he had to, and the guy probably collapsed more from a combination of shock, alcohol and adrenalin than actually being hit, and his head wound would just need a couple stitches. I still hope nothing bad comes out of this, the people were yelling all sorts of threats.

anyway, yeah, time to go get on a river, where there's room for everybody to just get drunk without having to kick each other's asses.
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