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the grocery store I've shopped at since moving downtown is in an area where a lot of hispanic people live, and while I was there the other night I noticed it has two totally separate mexican food sections. One is near the produce section. It's a whole row of foods with labels in spanish, various sweet flavored sodas, spices, dried chiles, sauces to make mole, cinnamon cookies, salsa, black beans, etc. Then there's another aisle, about four rows into the center near the italian food, where there's more salsa and black beans, but next to taco bell dinner kits, pace picante sauce, and tostido's cheese dip.

you know that part in The Matrix where they're sitting around the table, asking why everything tastes like chicken, theorizing that it's because the systems that put taste into their brains couldn't distinguish anything?

I think about that when I walk from one mexican food aisle to the other. I wonder how there's such a huge system for mexican food, and how it got to be obviously different from what hispanic people actually eat. Our mexican food is some completely different genre, it's not mexican, it's... system. pace picante sauce tastes like the system.
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