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wedding attitudes

I haven't talked wedding for the last couple posts, so here goes.

I caved and joined weddingplans because, well, it's damn helpful. And every once in a while I do just want to gush and don't feel like I can do it here... it feels to bridey. Anyway I was looking around the tags today and found this post from a few months ago about "what's tacky in a wedding" and it's awesome, not just because it's a poll, but because it started some drama, and is there anything more delish than bridal drama?

anyway I went to a party last night and talked to some guys there about my wedding, and it was funny because they actually asked about it, wanted to know details, and gave me tips. These men are all homosexuals and I often feel like this wedding is a celebration of my straightness, so I was surprised they were so into it. But they were. They had a lot to say about the dress, they were glad I bought a "real" one because one of them said the wedding dress sets the tone for the whole wedding, a bride in a tacky/ugly dress is the first things that sends the message about what this whole thing will be like. I thought wedding gowns were, like, the one thing that was never screwed up. Although when I thought about it, the last wedding I went to, the bride wore this halter-top dress with not much fabric involved at the top and a huge pouffy skirt with miles of ballerina toule that could have hidden all five of her size 2 bridesmaids. And it sent a message. I'd forgotten about that, because sometimes I try not to be judgemental (but let's face it, I totally am). So anyway, I thought it'd be interesting to poll all you random friends about what you think makes or breaks a wedding. Because when you ask these things to a community of people planning a wedding, nobody wants to call anybody tacky (well, I do, but again, love bridal drama too much). On the outside we've all got our gloves off. So maybe list 3-5 things. I'll go first.

Three wedding things that make me CRINGE:
1) When I know the bride and groom, and know they have a fucked up relationship and shouldn't be getting married.
2) Too many bridesmaids. It shows a lack of being able to keep it simple.
3) Gift-grabbing, usually indicated by a couple who feels it's acceptable to print their registry information and sent it with the invites.

Three wedding things that make it all worth going to:
1) Good reception music
2) Lovely invitations
2) Food and drink

oh and just so you know, if someone comments anonymously here and mentions "good timing and a strict schedule" as something that makes a wedding lovely, that would be my mother.
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