Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

roller derby!

For the past few weeks I've been going to roller derby practice to watch the skaters. the man is a referree, and my fabulous neighbor humaazul is in the league and keeps trying to convince me to go skate with them. A month ago I couldn't roller skate for s, but marc would convince me to go during open skate times and we'd go in circles, dodging little kids. I sort of have this personal rule that when someone invites me to do something that involves getting off the couch, I should do it.

Well last night I was feeling really good, there's open skate before and I was sort of doing crossovers well on the turns, so I decided to just keep it up and do practice. it was awesome! okay, I'm still bad at roller skating, but it was fun to go try to pass people and skate fast, and while they were doing "real" drills a girl took me and the other newbies aside and taught us how to spin and we practiced falling on our kneepads and everything. very tough and sexy! The last time I was involved in a female team sport was when I played high school volleyball, and that didn't go well, I was never really one of the crowd. But this is a league, like bowling... my bowling team sort of dissolved this summer, and I was tired of it anyway. So now maybe I can get into this.
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