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can't sleep. I had a dream that the earth had been attacked or there was a war or something, and our atmosphere was drifting off, and i was running with marc over all these people and plane crashes and bridges as everyone slowly lost air to breathe. I've been watching Battlestar Galactica and I think it's messing with me. Oh, and a while back we went to the theater and saw 28 Weeks Later and it totally messed with me, too. AWESOME movie though! A lot more violent than the first one, but a lot deeper too, with good quality digs against government. Marc almost got his ass beat because he can't shut up in movie theaters, and we were with friends of ours who also have the same problem, so the man sitting next to mean leaned over and glares at him and marc's just like, "WHAT?" then later he apologized.

if you google "apologized" it comes up with a pat robertson article. not enough, dude.

I use google as a spell-checker all the time.

I also use wikipedia all the time... but only to get me started on learning what something is. Last semester, some kid did a presentation in class on a topic, and used+cited a wikipedia article to define some base terms. WE'RE GRADUATE STUDENTS. There are so many disconnects in education.

dreammoods says this about my dream:
end of the world - I'm stressed. meh. I've been more stressed.
running with other people - festive and prosperous times. yes!
airplane crashes - I've set unrealistic goals for myself.
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