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Getting married in 10 9 weeks gives me three feelings, which basically rotate constantly now:

1) I'm thrilled because Marc is awesome and WE'RE GOING TO BE SO HAPPY.

2) I'm scared to death because I'm going to be married, in a world where 50% of marriages end in divorce. or whatever. either way, a lot of marriages end in divorce. that's fing scary, I don't care who you are. But hopefully the premaritial counceling will give us all the answers for that one. well, plus the fact that we're perfect. yup. okay no, still scary.

3) I'm scared to death because I have to stand up in front of people at a big ceremony, trying not to cry when I look at marc, trying to repeat after things someone says in a loud confident voice. I am many things when I stand up in front of people. Confident is not one of those things. again, f-ing scary.

4) I'm scared to death about the wedding plans. I sort of took a week off while Marc was on vacation, and that might have been a mistake. I need to get invitations ordered this week, per the schedule, so they can have two weeks for printing & addressing and get in the mail six weeks before the ceremony. As of now I'm not even sure what time the ceremony will start, because we haven't met with the church wedding coordinator yet, because I haven't called her. And I've gotten a few random quotes from local businesses about printing, but still have a lot of questions, I don't have paper picked out... blah blah blah.

marc and I did make a wedding binder, it was very exciting, we bought a cool stripey three-ring one at target and made tabs with our names, and pages for each major task that we're each taking. marc's tab has the limousine, the photographer, the DJ, MAN CLOTHES, honeymoon. mine has flowers, invitations, WOMAN CLOTHES... I forget what else. The woman clothes are coming along great! I told my two attendants that we should shoot for the cool colors family, look around the internet and see what you like, and ms a came through with a dress my sister also likes, they're hopefully going to order stuff this week. no bridal stores, no special orders, no appointments! so far.
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