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today after work I exercised, then came home and made some pasta with steamed asparagus. I am so good. Then I cleaned for the last two hours. Question of the day: why can't I be good like that on the weekends? Saturday I woke up, went to the farmer's market, and bought the exotic pasta and the asparagus, then returned home and made a box of kraft mac & cheese. then laid around and napped in front of a Scrubs DVD.

I made an appointment to get my teeth cleaned, since I no-showed for my last dentist appointment. Yeah that was great. I called them last week to ask them about something, and they said I hadn't even shown up for my last cleaning... I felt so terrible I didn't even ask my question, I just freaked out and said I had to go. But the more I thought about it, I don't think my dentist office calls to confirm appointments! Every other place does, but they just give you a little card when you make the thing, and then six months later when it's time to come around they send you a postcard. Well, this appointment I missed was like a week after i moved. No postcard for our hero. I don't feel so bad. When I go in if they charge me I'm going to bitch about that. I hope they're cool about it, because I like the dentist.

feminist thought of the day: Last week I asked some questions in feminist about man hate and if it really exists. The conversation got insane, but before all that I gleaned a couple interesting answers by people who said that feminism, and its lessons about appreciating inviduals, actually got them to hate men a lot less than they did before they were feminists. That pre-feminist period was usually marked by some real woman-hate, too. But when you examine women's place, and start appreciating women for what they contribute, and see what we do and don't have in common with men, a much higher understanding sets in.

All the higher understanding aspects that come with being a feminist are seriously starting to kick in with me this year, it's my phase or something. I'm starting to see it as not just a movement, but a lens. This is what happens, kids, when you don't study something in college... it takes you thirteen years to start really understanding what the fsck people are making such a big fuss about.
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