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yesterday, tomorrow, and the fruit snacks in between

Well, yesterday's post resulted in my adding "suicide" to Spacefem's List Of Things Be Careful Discussing, which now looks like this:

1) Politics
2) Abortion
3) Religion
4) Suicide
5) Other people
6) Why Linux doesn't suck
7) My meth lab

Stuff gets added every week! Personally, I don't think a friendly debate hurts anybody, but for the sake of myself, my friendships, and the world around me I'll hold off on the above 7 subjects because it's not good to totally piss someone (or myself, in the case of #6 usually) off.

Today: Class, then tech center. Quick lunch in between, yes, but I was there by 12:30 and left at 7:00 to watch SURVIVOR, which is good this season, lots of people with accents. I love people with accents! They should put a Canadian on that show just for that.

My senior project partner and I worked on our project for a long time, but we got wireless GPS to work. Horray! Okay, she got wireless GPS to work. I smoked an op amp and failed three attemps to amplify a microvolt signal to 0-5 VDC. win some, lose some.

At 4:30 or so we decided it was time for a break, went to the break room and found (gasp!) the fridge was empty! Then I remembered that was because I was supposed to stock it this semester. Boy did I let it go for a long time... oh well, we keyed into the money box, took out $45, and went to wal-mart to buy stuff, all the stuff we wanted this time because last semester the boys were buying the food so it just had crappy stuff like mountain dew (i hate that) and slim jims (what the hell are those? i ate one, not only did it not answer my question but i regretted eating that for a while) We bought capri-suns, fruit snacks, nutty bars (sweet glory!), hostess cupcakes, and a wide assortment of other things that are not good for growing minds. The guys might not be as happy with us but that's what they get for electing me as treasurer.

Oh wait, I elected myself as treasurer.

Oh well. We went to radio shack, too, for some voltage regulators and IC sockets. We accidently broke this sliding panel thing and these guys looked at us like we were on crack, but I think it was off its track to start with. Headed back to the lab, worked some more then I went to the computer lab and plugged away at my freehand assignment because I'm missing my graphic software class next week for the grand trip too...

Johnson Space Center!

Yes, friends, the NASA we all know in love. Spacefem in space :) I leave wednesday, won't be able to update the LJ but I'll certainly take pics. But that's future news, let's focus back on the now, yes?

So I'm sitting here now feeling pretty durn happy for no apparent reason because I didn't accomplish anything today. Oh well. Oh, other good news - the health center people said they'd write me a year-long perscription for my pills even though that other lame doctor I saw only wrote me a six month one! go me! menstrual cramps be gone! (TMI? sorry)

I sliced open the top of my middle finger opening packages this afternoon. Owe.

For dinner I had soup. For breakfast I had a granola bar, but today at wal-mart I bought a package of chocolate chip pop-tarts... how cool do those sound? mmm! cookies disguised as pastry for breakfast! I'm looking forward to waking up already :)
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