Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

so much rock

The man bought me lovely flowers yesterday, and tickets to see KITTY! Who wouldn't love him? We saw that Kitty would be in town but I didn't think we'd go, because there was a roller girl party and since marc has been doing ref stuff with that group he really wanted to spend more time there. And it's not like I'm a HUGE Kitty fan, I mean, they're cool and all, but I don't own any of their CDs, just a few mp3s and stuff. Yes, I like to buy up female artists like crazy, but being a big fan of early 90s grunge, living with a man who thinks you should put a break beat behind anything and everything, I don't hear much heavy metal.

But Kitty was AWESOME. And one of their opening bands was incredible too. I joke all the time about Friday being my "crash night", when I try to get out and party but always end up passing out on the couch because I spend the week workin' hard for the money, but apparently if I can get into a face-melting rock show that all goes away. I danced and jumped up and down and got smacked around and smacked people around. wore black, of course, with my cargo pants. I braided my hair into pigtails which maybe isn't so punk rock but it kept it out of the way and marc said it was hot.

the concert made me sad that marc and I scheduled our wedding for the same weekend as defcon. I really wish we could go to defcon... everyone there wears black and parties to crazy mosh music. It two in the morning, when I was drunk as hell, I told marc we were moving the date. today I brought it up again, but he told me no, we were not moving our date, no matter how drunk and reminicent I get we can go to defcon next year. le sigh. I guess if he takes me away to vegas for our honeymoon we might be able to find some great underground metal club there and pretend we're at defcon.

Um anyway it was also Final Friday, and marc's friends were spinning at a club nearby, so we went there afterwards. I was in a great mood and danced around like a crazy person, right up by the speakers because I was already deaf from the concert (my ears are still ringing today, incidently). some random guy told me i was a good dancer, and he asked for my phone number, it was cute. I'm afraid of losing all the lovely validating moments like that in ten weeks, when I'm out at clubs wearing a wedding ring. oh well... we did end up going to the rollergirl party but it kinda sucked.

this morning we actually woke up and went to the farmer's market a block away, had breakfast burritos and I bought some fresh asparagus and fancy flavored pastas.

marc is gone. he left this morning to visit family in arizona for a week. I am le sad, but at least we had a fun night before the big sendoff. ye-ah!

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