Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

it's my birthday!

I went to a picnic for a while this evening and had some hamburgers, and left early with my ride. then I was sitting here alone and one of my (gay) neighbors knocked on my door and said he and his friends were going to grab food, and invited me to go, so I did! it was about 11:30 or so, so I told them that my birthday was in 30 minutes, and we ended up getting ice cream and a cookie and I got to blow out a candle just after midnight. awes :) there were six of us, I was the only girl. We rated men walking by. I had a drink.

one of the guys I ate with was like, "So you're 24, right?" I reminded him that we met the year after I graduated college, and we've known one another for FOUR YEARS. That's what's weird lately about getting older and having a job... fewer timestamps. Years sort of drift by, and you think back on an event and you can't remember if it was last summer or three summers ago. It's creepy, for anyone wondering.



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