Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

oh no, wedding!

you know how in Mean Girls, the main character spends all this time talking about one popular girl even though she knows she shouldn't? someone gets her started and she just goes with it like that? that's how it is with the wedding. I've always been annoyed by people, especially women, sorry, who go into "I can't talk about anything else" mode when planning weddings, so I sort of promised to try extra hard not to do it myself. But honestly, I could journal about it every day. And I'm always getting into these traps, pulled in I think by people who seem to be or are honestly interested in the plans. The worst people are ones who were married in the last five years or so. There's a girl in my office who's super nice, and we always had things to talk about before, but now she's always asking how The Plans are going and I TELL HER, once I get started I can't stop, it's like I'm pressurized or something. The back of my mind wants to change the subject but the front of it can only ask for centerpeice ideas.

Granted, it's been a big week. We set our date... August 4th! We put a deposit on a reception place, booked the church, and secured four attendants. Well, my sister was sort of a given but we also asked divine ms. a and her man, and marc's cousin, and they're all on board.

I'm really happy we were able to get a date in 2007 before my classes start. That week after August 4th is the last class-free week of the summer, so we really snuck it in, but this gives us about ten weeks of planning which I think is perfect. I've had like five people ask if I'm pregnant! Crap, who asks that? At least two of those sounded WAY too serious, like they really didn't see any other reason to want to limit wedding planning time. I'd say staying GROUNDED is a very, very good reason, especially after this week.
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