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today there isn't Greensburg, Kansas in the place where Greensburg, Kansas was yesterday, which is sad, and has also put everyone on "freak out about Kansas weather" mode. My neighbor came and asked me earlier if I'd been watching the skies because we're under all these watches... mentioned something about how there'd be a terrible hailstorm in the next 15 minutes, according to the news. I have yet to hook my television up to the outside world (no antenna, no cable), so I'm pretty unaware of things like this. Anyway I need to go to campus to finish a paper and haven't yet, because of that.

not that the time is lost hanging out in the apartment. I have a final thursday that's going to be (to steal a line) like an episode of oz. I've spent the last hour trying to repair the fact that I never really understood what a covariance matrix meant.

it's very difficult to make myself think about school for one more week four more days. I want to be somewhere else, mentally. My professor holds review sessions on Saturdays before tests, and last night's was FOUR HOURS. of working problems. because in class, he wants to fly through proofs and finish chapters, not get bogged down by pesky examples. oh yes!

incidently the tornado article on NOAA says they're "nature's most violent storms". Um, hurricanes, anyone? I mean sure, tornadoes come out of nowhere whereas with hurricanes you get these nice warnings, but generally speaking tornadoes will take out every other house or every third house or something in a neighborhood, not sweep out an entire city. With a tornado you just hang out in the basement for a while until it moves over, and if it took your house there's a neighbor to stay at. Exception, obviously, would be an F5 like the one in Greensburg yesterday... if the tornado is a mile wide hits a town that's a mile wide you have bigger issues. But this really doesn't happen too often. I am way more scared of winding up in some costal town when the ocean gets pissed off and I am living in Kansas, where we have occasional tornadoes. I've lived here 14 years and have never personally seen one, and have talked to plenty of rednecks who did see one, spent the time drinking beer on their porch with video cameras, and lived to tell about it.
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