Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

had I known this, we'd have picked a date

this is the first public entry where I'm saying that marc and I are officially getting married sometime. and even though I know last weekend's entries were a little crazy because of family and all, now we're pretty much 100% stoked about it and coming up with all sorts of plans.

I'm going to try not to gush about it too much because when I was a strong single happenin' woman, nothing made me puke faster than reading people's wedding plan entries. hell, now that I'm doing it myself, other people's entries still have that effect. so wedding entries will be limited.

but I did want to say that my parents seem cool with the idea of us running of to vegas, which we're seriously considering. Well take that back... we were going to just go for our church here because it's nice and all, but the more I talked to people the more it seems like vegas is a great place to have a wedding if you (like me) don't like weddings. it's a hands-down way to keep it small, easy, and planned for you.

plus, I found out (duh duh duh!) that they do weddings at the star trek bar!!!

marc said he wanted to dress like a tribble. yesssss!

just kidding mom :)

maybe :)

no, I'm kidding.

you hope, huh?

no seriously, I'm kidding.

(about the tribble costume)
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