Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,


I kind of like working in a crowded university computer lab, because all around me there are groups of people talking in different languages, and it makes me feel like I'm in THE FUTURE.

I also like getting my programs to finally run well, so it can just crank away and spit out image statistics while I livejournal.

I think my professor is downplaying the semester projects. Maybe he realizes that at some point, a part of the torture will (should) be his? At first he wanted us to do these huge presentations, but on the first day of presentations one guy took up the whole time which I thought was great. So now he's like, "fifteen minutes! four slides!" Rock on. I have 12 slides but I get nervous when I talk in front of people and go fast so it won't be a problem. He also told us to turn in papers no longer than 4-5 pages long... hey, I thought these should be big huge revolutionary semester projects? ah-huh.

two classes, a presentation, a paper and one final until summer.
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