Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

hate and judgment

I hate air conditioning. I hate always being cold. I wear layers and sweaters and everything reasonable, but I'm still cold in my office. all. the. time. my hands are cold. and I feel like I'm suffering for stupid reasons, that's the worst thing about it. Yeah, so I'm always colder than normal people, I can't expect my whole office to just be at 75 all the time, but could we at least have 73 or something? It takes a lot of energy to keep things at 68. we hear all this junk about global warming and what's it for? so I can be miserable at work, and in the computer labs at school, and in stores where I'm trying to shop.

speaking of using energy to annoy me, I also hate the people at school who stalk me for my parking place after my morning class. they could just go park by the stadium and WALK, because there are always spots there, but no, they'd rather drive laps around the closer lot and hope someone like me walks out. I've actually had people yell at me from their car windows... "ARE YOU LEAVING? CAN I HAVE YOUR SPOT?" I think they're horrible people for using gas to drive in circles, so I ignore them. And in recent weeks I've gotten shiftier... I'll walk down an aisle I didn't park in, then cut across so whoever's following me loses the spot so someone who just happens to be on the other side.

school has me in a BAD MOOD, can you tell?
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