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semester projects

Okay, so if I show up to any class next semester on the first day and the professor is talking about a "semester project" I'm dropping. I hate semester projects. let's explore the reasons in timeline format:

1) January: Professor announces that everyone will do a big huge project on a topic of their choice. You don't know anything about the subject matter (that's why you're IN THE CLASS) so you really can't start researching topics, can you?

2) February: Sort of narrow it down to a few impossible ideas. Scope of project isn't defined at all so you start downloading conference papers and reading like a crazy person.

3) March: Through reading and class information, you realize your topic is horrible, and change to something else. Start over. Write off wasted time as "you never know when you'll need that". Professor is asking why everyone isn't turning in status reports... and it's because you're ashamed of your progress.

4) April: Things finally start to sort of almost take shape, then lose it, then take it. The professor wants you to come up with some brilliant new concept through your research, but by the end of the month you realize that's just not going to happen.

5) May: End of semester. Fake it like you accomplished something.

Each month, you'll notice, includes the following:
1) Hours and hours of going the WRONG DIRECTION, so weeks go by and you're nowhere.

2) Trying really hard to understand what the hell the guy wants, because it's a big vague semester project.

3) Hating life.

That's why at this time of the year, when birds are chirping and flowers are blooming, I am spending all my time in the computer lab at my college (I don't believe in stealing matlab like everyone else in my classes has). And the knowledge that there are only three weeks left doesn't make me feel better, it makes me feel panic, because I feel a lot of non-accomplishment has gone on. I'm tired and mad.
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