Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

light & dark

note to self: next time I get a new apartment I'm going to be sure to check whether the light fixtures use one light bulb or two. If they use two, I'll check to make sure they're BOTH working. Whoever had this place before me was one of those cheap lazy aholes who only ever bothered to change one light bulb, so whenever a bulb goes out now, it's DARK, and since I realized this I haven't had time to go to the store and buy an assload of light bulbs to take care of things. And I've been here like a month so I don't really feel like bugging the manager about it, I'll just do it myself, that way I can get the light bulbs I like anyway.

In other news, I stayed out way too late last night. why is karaoke so awesome? it was a great time... I sort of broke my rule because I try not to go out the day before class. feeling like arse at work is one thing, you sort of shuffle through it, at least work is interesting enough to keep me awake. not so much with class. today I only survived by coffee, and the sugar high I got off the lemon bars someone left in the break room.
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