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I got a 10% coupon for home depot when I moved to the new place, so I decided to buy something I've always wanted: a drill! And some supplies to make my own stemware rack. I sort of have a vision. Yes, you can buy them, but they're stupid... $15 for one that holds like five glasses, $40 for one that holds a practical number (I collect fabulous martini glasses so I have quite a few) and they're all too small. So I have a vision for this. But that's another entry.

Anyway with all that going on I spent like an hour in home depot today, and certainly had fun drill shopping. There was another woman there looking and asking an employee all these questions, so I listened in on advice, then picked up a random one that they didn't have displayed and asked him about it, then he walked off to help someone else so this lady and I just talked about drill features for a while. We both ended up getting the DeWALT D21008K 0-2500 RPM 6A model :) I showed it to her because I liked how the keyless chuck clicked into place, and she liked that it wasn't the heaviest or most expensive one they had (the guy helping her before seemed clueless as to why weight would be an issue). Oh, and dewalt is kinda sexy. Someone will give me crap about saying that.

I didn't hear from the guy helping us again until he saw me looking at masonary bits and asked, "ARE YOU DRILLING INTO CONCRETE?"


and he left me alone.

Anyway I was kind of stupid because I left there without getting new cutting bits for my dremel, which are required for this stemware rack project, but I tried out my new drill and it kicks ass. I asked like five people in the last week if I could borrow their drills and they all said sure, but something in me just wanted my own because I just feel like owning tools is a good thing.

and now, if I get good, I can do my own dental work! right?
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