Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

furry animals

forgot to write that over the weekend I went to gosplcovrsinger's place in lawrence to pick up some things, and while I was there I got to hold her BUNNEH! yes, he was so soft and bunny-riffic, and made me really sick. this is sad because I have dreamed of owning small furry animals and I think I'm going to have to keep looking, because the bunny had about the same effect on me that cats do... I even washed my hands after I petted him and my eyes were still all itchy and red, I was congested, my chest and arms were red where I'd come in contact with him. it was so worth it, by the way.

I should take this opportunity to mention that even after all these months I still visit Cute Overload almost every day. Marc does too, I got him sucked in somehow and I'll see him after work and he'll be like, "OHMIGOD YOU WON'T BELIEVE THE GUINEA PIG TODAY!" or sometimes he waits for me and we go at what's new there together.

gosplcovrsinger also has a cuteness hamster who wasn't really excited to be not sleeping, so I didn't hold her for very long, but it still made me think about cute overload a lot because of the very special relationship that the site has with hammies. there's a perfect video this week of a brocolli-eating hammie, and of course there's my all-time favorite entry in the world:

it sort of illustrates how I feel about grad school, to tell the truth.
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