Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

credit card fraud

my credit card was stolen. or something... I still have no idea what happened, I just know I used it to rent the truck when I moved, and don't totally remember getting it back in my wallet. I didn't realize this until the next evening, spent some time looking through the moving disaster that was my apartment, and the next day I still hadn't found it so I tried to log onto my account to check activity, and couldn't log in. So I called the company and gave them my info and got the "We're going to transfer you to security now" guy.

here's the weird ass timeline though: Wednesday I left the card at the truck rental place. I had other issues with renting the truck that I'm not even going to go into... involves a fuel dispute, sort of insane but I'm only mentioning it here to explain why I didn't just call the rental company back. So Thursday they charge my card for the rental. Then there's nothing until Friday, when there are four identical charges for $57 each at a 7-11 ATM in Bangkok, Thailand.

What's the story with that? I mean, I would never steal a credit card but if I did I wouldn't ship the number to Bangkok, not only is that completely random but it also flagged the bank to put a security hold on the card ASAP. I'd go to best buy or something, right? And how does a card presumably left at a truck rental company full of old Kansas men end up with a number sent overseas? I mean, obviously my physical card had nothing to do with the ATM charges... if people just need credit card numbers, is that even the easiest way to get them? Why not give the card back to me after stealing the number, then wait a few days for me to quit paying attention to activity so you can use the card then? I don't get it.
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