Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

spring break update

it's been a week since I updated so this is one of those force-myself kind of updates, to get started again. lj is like one of those friends you fall out of touch with if you don't keep it up, you come back and can't talk about a week or a month here, you know? the crazy thing is I have entries - I write them at work and save them on thumbdrives because I don't go to sites like these from the office. but I get home and they don't seem that important so I don't post them. can't explain it.

the new apartment is going great so far. my shoes are still in one big pile in the middle of my room but most everything else is put up. marc is making my linux box into a music server. the dogwood trees are blooming all around town and it's beautiful here.

I had a lot of ambitious school plans over spring break... work projects, study for tests, get through problems... but so far the only day I studied was tuesday. all the other days I just wanted to come home and veg. so, more school guilt. that's the way it is.
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