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in with the good and out with the bad

I wanted to set up my network today, mostly because marc has been keeping really busy with helping me out in the new place and I was afraid he'd get to the network phase, and I'd have to be one of those girls whose boyfriends set up their networks. unacceptable. unfortunately I've failed somewhere... I can plug into my router and do just fine, but when I try it wireless everything is super painfully slow and times out. Unless I'm just pinging. I can ping anyplace, no packets get lost and the time ranges are normal. So I'm not totally sure what's up.

last night was a blast! we went out to dinner with ms a, her man and their friend from out of town, then we came back here. humaazul stopped by to say hello, and then another friend of ours from across the hall came over and we sat around and talked until midnight-ish. it's so cool to actually know some of my neighbors. my last apartment, all the neighbors were either really standoffish or downright scary. The House was in a typical suburb, totally boring, I think we were the scary ones because people on the street knew there were 3-4 20-something people (plus a good number of our friends, often enough) and we didn't really fit in. Plus it's a subdivision, you know how that is. Everybody goes from their house to the garage, drives away, then drives home and closes the garage again and if they go outside at all it's the back porch with the privacy fence, so they don't have to come into contact with anyone. miserable.

So my apartment is still basically a disaster but marc knew yesterday that people might be coming over, so he arranged the living room area very nicely. Set up the TV and the nice shelves, cleared off the couches, made sure the floor was mostly crap-free. I was amazed when I got home from work, seriously, and it helped us all be comfy last night so we could just relax. Today I broke down a bunch of boxes and collected all the beer bottles in one box and went to the recycling center a little ways south of here. Wichita isn't big on recycling. We don't have curbside, and there are only two places that recycle glass and they're not open very many hours a week, so I'd never been there. My last house we just threw everything away. and I mean everything, it made me almost sick sometimes, I felt horrible but didn't know what to do and knew my roommate wouldn't support setting out bins for different recycling things. Plus I know I'm not much one to talk, but I think they were really bad at buying over-packaged stuff. Recycling is, for me, sort of a new apartment resolution. I'm going to subscribe to the paper soon and will have to recycle that, and if all my friends make this the pre-party location we're going to go through a lot of beverage containers (unless I just get a keg every weekend... that's not a bad idea).
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