Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

mumble mumble

okay, I think I'm going to stop blaming my crappy mood this weekend on the move and stress over classes, and just admit that it's PMS. at one time in my life I thought it was un-feminist to claim PMS affected me, but then started working in an all-male department and trust me, they get PMS. It may not be related to the lining of their reproductive organs, but it's related to something. something periodic, hormonal, and totally bitchy. I think we should all just accept that hormonal bitchiness sees no gender and move on from there.

quick note I feel like writing (bitching) about: people, don't stay with your significant other just because they're nice. being nice makes a person worthy of going out with you, but to be in an actual relationship you should require a little more than that. technically you shouldn't date anyone who isn't nice in the first place, so if you're afraid of breaking up with someone because they're nice you won't get to review many different options now, will you? I'm here saying it... if a person is nice but doesn't understand you, doesn't share your goals, all that, then for heaven's sake keep striving for the next better thing. I'm so sick of people in these stagnant relationships that are going nowhere. They get in for acceptable reasons but they stay in them because they're comfortable, which is not acceptable, I think. I want to be the relationship police.
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