Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

the 08 race

I was talking about politics with someone and revealed that I am not a conservative. So right away they were like, "you must be excited about Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama getting early campaigns started!"

not really.

Maybe I'm a bad feminist, but I've never seen Hillary Clinton as a hero. I just feel like her being the first woman president will send a message to millions of young girls: want to be successful? have a famous husband first! get your man elected, then you can take your turn later.

And Barack Obama, although we all love him, has had a whopping 10 year career in politics. I've made airplanes twice as long as he's been in the senate, and I'm not even a group lead yet.

The whole spectacle just reminds me that the presidential election is basically a fashion show. It's not about who really has better policy, it's about who you'd like to hang out with in a bar. And maybe that's what politics has always been... it's about who can get their name out there more, who's been on MTV more often, all that. Don't get me wrong, I like both candidate's policies, from what I read, I agree with them and either would be a big improvement on the current administration. But their pre-awarded fame turns me off.

And I used to think it was stupid to base your opinions on popularity... equally stupid, whether you liked things because they were popular or disliked things because they were popular. But now I think we're sort of called to dislike what's popular, just to avoid being fed, there has to be that little err to one side.
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