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economics & the plunge

one of my professors today used crazy homeless people in an example problem, then explained that he didn't want to say anything bad about homeless people, that many of them have "good philosophy". This backs up my theory that professors would relate well to homeless people, because if they weren't teaching college, they'd probably be under a bridge somewhere.

In mainstream news, the stock market about tanked today! speaking personally, it's a good time for it to tank. Several weeks ago I decided that CAKE and ZBRA weren't going to make me filthy rich, and started maintaining sell orders so I'd make 10%, and as luck would have it they both sold last week. So to put it all out there, I opened my first scottrade account last May with $1500, and today it's worth $1630. And that's including the fact that AMD lost me $100 by itself so far... I haven't sold it, I really don't want to sell at a loss, I guess I sort of can't believe it can drop a whole lot further. Anyway, all my other buying and selling made up for that and more... I like the stock market.

When I heard news of the drop I figured I'd rush home and use the money I got from sales last week to buy some "sure thing" stocks I've had my eye on since I started, but I'm disappointed, they didn't drop as much as I'd hoped. Anheuser-Busch is still close to its year high. I so could have bought green mountain coffee for $40 last year but didn't, and even after today they're still at $55. Cisco is a very sore spot with me. When I was in college it was $15, and I told my friends I'd totally buy it if I had money. By the time I had money it has dropped to $10, which I took as a "see how much money you would have lost!" sign so I didn't get in. Well, it's $25 now. Keeps going towards $20, but never when I think to look at it.

So now I'm not sure what to buy, I keep reading. And I keep remembering the old saying about how vegas gambling has its ups and downs but it generally goes down, and the stock market has its ups and downs but it generally goes up. that's what I've seen so far.
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