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stuff I packed pt 1

okay, should have studied all day but I spent a lot of time... not studying. I got the oil changed in my car, had the tires rotated and balanced so it'd stop vibrating (I have them rotated regularly, I swear). And I had to fantasize about my apartment! Looked at decorating books I bought a long time ago, surfing urban outfitters for bedding. and even though I don't move for three weeks my roommate and I were B O R E D and decided to go through the kitchen and pack up my stuff, since it was something we'd have to do together anyway, you know, make sure it gets separated correctly. And I packed up some stuff in the basement. mostly books and CDs.

A lot of my decorating books show cool arrangements for bookshelves... that's something that's always sort of bugged me about where I live, there are no books out. No coffee table books, no books stacked up on the mantel, just... no books. I like people to walk into where I live and see my books. They look cool, sure, but they say a lot about who I am. I have basic literature and poetry. Lots of engineering books. Some for programming and computers. Required feminist material. Popular non-fiction science paperbacks, and a few sci-fi/fantasy books that friends said I "had" to have. Every time I've moved I've looked at them and cringed, because they're heavy and bulky and a pain to deal with, but this time it hasn't bugged me so much because they've been shoved in the basement for the last 18 months and I get to live in a place where they'll be out and available again. Sure I love the library, and I get rid of books fairly often, I don't have WALLS of them. But it's nice to have a few favorites.

(I just realized how strongly I wanted to defend book ownership in that last paragraph, explain why it's worth it to own my favorite books, then I remembered this is LIVEJOURNAL, if there's any group of people who automatically understand it'd be you all, I'd hope!)
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