Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

my move

Better day today, I know you're all thrilled to hear this. Project still isn't working--I added an opamp differential amplifier to the back end of the A/D converter resulting in an even bigger cluster fsck than I had yesterday, but that's how the story goes. Our (new) wireless transmitter came in today so that should be fun to play with tomorrow.

One of my professors recommended me for a job at an ISP in a town 15 minutes from here. Lots of money in a town where a house is 15 grand, good computer experience, but it raises the question, "How badly do I need to leave this place?" I love it here, don't get me wrong, but lately I'm starting to feel... i dunno. Like it's time for an adventure of some sort, or maybe pittsburg is my middle-earth and it's time to continue on to the grey havens of... chicago? Who knows. I've gotten this feeling only recently--a month ago I was still really sad and scared of graduation because I couldn't imagine leaving this place but now the idea has grown on me and I'm really thinking of what life will be like in the real world, what I'll add to a workplace. (i'm a team player, huh?)

I'd work help desk for a while to get trained, then I'd move up and shadow their main network guy, eventually splitting his job because he works insane hours now as the only technician. I could start part-time before I even graduate. Wow, that would happen fast.

Took wheel to bike shop for repairs today, it as $5 and the guy tightened my hub a bit and cleaned the brake disk and advised me to bring the whole bike in sometime for a general check-up. I'll put it on my list now that I know we're all friends.

Am getting two new korean (i think?) girls on my floor tonight. Exciting! I met them last night and they both seem nice although niether speaks great english. We deal.
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