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I was invited to go out to dinner tonight by the group, but class ran late (as usual) and by the time I finally got home it was 7:30 and I just felt like putting on sweats, eating leftovers and listening to music. It's been sort of a crap week. We got more snow Tuesday, it was a mess. I don't live in a real "winter" state, okay? I live in a state where it snows a couple times a year, and it melts, and that's how we do winter... it's not a frozen season, it's a slushy season, it's filthy. but it's not layers of ice, then snow, then ice. We don't know how to get around in real winter.

oh, speaking of getting around, I totally saw a guy fall down like 3/4 a flight of stairs at school today, he was walking down the steps, they were wet, I think he was dialing his cell phone, then suddenly he slipped and everything goes flying and he hit his head on like SIX STEPS but he was okay. A bunch of people saw him and we were all freaked, and he was visibly shaken, but assured us he was fine, so we all looked at one another with that non-spoken "handrails, okay!" kind of agreement. So that's my public service announcement for today. don't fall down the stairs.

Speaking of music, I made a January CD. It's mostly iTunes songs-of-the-week because I really enjoy what they offer, but there's other stuff too, and I'm proud of how I put it together, I listened to it all day today. favorites are bolded. oh, you might recognize some if you're one of those people who lists current music, because I love stealing music ideas from my livejournal friends, if I read nothing else. oh, I do know that I heard about the flaming lips song from aparecida, but didn't tell her at the time because when I first listened to it I just thought it was bizarre.

1. Le Disko (Radio Edit) / Shiny Toy Guns 3:23
2. Hang Me Up to Dry / Cold War Kids 3:40
3. New Shoes / Paolo Nutini 3:21
4. Bottle Action (Main Mix) / Miss B. 4:30
5. You Know I'm No Good / Amy Winehouse 4:17
6. Ships / Umbrellas 3:51
7. Ain't No Reason / Brett Dennen 3:39
8. El Sello / Ardnaxela 3:28
9. Fight Test / The Flaming Lips 4:14
10. Shh / Frou Frou 5:34
11. Imaginate / Gallego 3:02
12. On and On / Erykah Badu 3:46
13. The Becoming / Little Brother 1:52
14. Theme from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless.../ Jon Brion 2:23
15. Don't Be Shy / Spektrum 3:12
16. Suddenly I See / KT Tunstall 3:21
17. Smile (Radio Edit) / Lily Allen 3:14

18. Mister Sister / The Tender Box 3:26
19. Herculean / The Good, The Bad And The Queen 3:59
20. Dance Me to the End of Love / Madeleine Peyr...3:57
21. Row / Jon Brion 1:01
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