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international students

I think I might be the only american in each of my classes this semester. I mean I might be wrong, it's not like I've talked with everybody in the class (each one has about 50 students). It's just that they all look to be of asia, east asia, or middle eastern descent and so far every person who's spoken in class speaks with an accent. this includes the professors. there's another caucasian in my morning class but but he sounds eastern european.

also I'm the only one with reddish-brown hair. everyone else's is black. does that makes me the blonde?

I don't mind so much, I've gotten used to being the minority in these classes, and in a way I guess I've always been a minority because I'm female (there are only about 6-10 women in each class). I think the years of being around so many international students and learning from professors who aren't from here has made me pretty good at understanding people with heavy accents. It took me almost a solid month to figure out what a professor from russia was ever talking about, but most of them have been better than that. The indians are beautiful to listen to. There's a guy I study with a lot who's been in classes with me two previous semesters and I think he's from bahrain, which, before I met him, I'd never heard of.

but the big question... what's up with my country? why don't we want to be engineers? what's up with other countries... do they not have engineering schools? it's like america is a gourmet chef who married a big fan of hot pockets and kraft dinner, so the chef has dinner guests all the time and the spouse just shrugs and makes toast.
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