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house risk training

our fair city is getting the CRAP this weekend... freezing rain, freezing wind, freezing snow, freezing... everything else (anvils!) so it's pretty much ruined the next like five days.

so last night I tell my roommates, "since we're all snowed in, we should do something fun tonight!"

rmbf: "like play RISK?"

sf: "I was going to say fashion show."

backstory: my roommate's boyfriend (rmbf) got risk for christmas, and we're good friends with another guy who is apparently obsessed with the game, but none of us really remember anything about hot to play it. Like, I played it once in a huge group in high school and that's it. so we wanted to relearn how to play it so when we invite this guy over we don't get crushed, and our noble house maintains its honor.

we played for three hours and finally called it because it was getting to that crappy part, where every battle is going to involve seven artillary units, but it was totally fun and competitive. I managed to take north and south america, my roommate had australia, africa and europe, and we were about to kill off rmbf's remaining holds in asia and fight for it (he tried to hold asia at the beginning of the game and we ganged up on him, so he was pretty much screwed the rest of the time)

anyway it was nice because it was one of those nights that fit into my roommate fantasy that I had when I moved in... I'd never had a roommate before, so I figured that when you live with lots of people, every evening is automatically entertaining. We would make each other huge fabulous dinners, share wine, like all the same television shows, play games, redecorate the house, have long talks about deep female life issues over foot spas and cospomolitians. In reality it's not usually that exciting. She managed to get me into grey's anatomy but not the endless string of CSI and its spinoffs. M and I are the only ones who really like to cook big meals, so the dinner thing has been uneven to say the least. redecorating was discouraged when I first moved in. We had a scrabble kick last spring but haven't played games much since then at all. and if I want a deep talk about life issues I have to either have friends over (or just talk to m, who's not female but is still good for long conversations)

But there is always wine to share, that's been great! and occasionally we all watch a movie together and share popcorn. I'd have to say it's an overall positive thing... like everything else in life, not the fantasy. but still pretty good.
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