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as much as I like to whine about grad school ruining my life, there are lots of dark times when I think I can't live without it either. graduameth. or something... I'm just weird without it, I roam around the house not knowing what to do, I don't feel like updating my websites, I don't feel like reading, I definitely don't feel like watching TV. my roommate tonight got home at six and has been watching tv ever since. i'm not physically capable of doing that, television drives me nuts.

then again, everything has been driving me nuts lately. last night I didn't want to go out to eat, didn't want to cook something, I just wanted to eat a snack wrap in my car on the way somewhere, anywhere, not in this house. m took me to target. tonight after work was better - i went to the gym for about an hour, then came home, cleaned my room, did computer stuff and listened to podcasts.

I don't think I get this weird in the summer... i guess there's just more to do? I can't remember. life without grad school is sort of a blur, I can't be a normal person, it's not me.

I'm going to go organize my folders again.
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