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I don't have much to write on but I can re-cap the weekend. thursday was m's birthday! I got him NETFLIX. he loved it, it's the gift that keeps on giving. so by Friday, we had Lady in the Water and Edge of America. I wasn't crazy about Lady in the Water, I thought the storyline was too simple, but Edge of America was really cool, it's a true story about this native american girl's basketball team, sort of cliche because it's the typical "new coach inspires bad sports team to win on the court and in life" kind of story but they did a fantastic job with it.

Saturday I went out to lunch with divine ms. a, then I spent the afternoon in the back of a downtown stationary shop going through catalogs to help her pick out wedding invitations. At one point, I dropped one of the books, shoved my hand in the middle to catch it, and cut my fingers really bad, there was blood, it was nasty. sort of a symbolic if you ask me. anyway I had fun because I love thinking about page layouts... it's just like website design, really, it's art with a functional, technical purpose.

at night we got our boyfriends and went to pf chang's and it was a blast. oh... we actually had to wait for a table! in wichita, I know, wtf. but we waited at the bar drinking pear mojitos and it was only 45 minutes, and talked the whole time, and I felt fabulous and beautiful. I find that all sort of funny about my life now... how I really enjoyed the year I turned 18 and was afraid, leaving college for the summer after my freshman year, that the future wouldn't be as fun. what the hell was that about? I think I'd just written a lot of things off for myself then... I wasn't a girl who had friends to talk to, or a hot boyfriend who everyone adores. I didn't have the confidence to stand up straight in a crowd and make eye contact around the room. and there are all these things I was clueless about, like wine. seriously, being in your mid-20s is the best thing in the world, I'm a little tiffed that nobody wrote a memo about that in 1998.
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