Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

new year's eve and teh suck

really struggling with what to do tonight. m is playing at a club downtown and got me on the list. we were also invited to a party about, oh, a mile or two from the house that honestly sounds a lot more fun. I'll go to the party, definitely, the question is do I want to break away and go to the club for a while. ewe. the debate begins.

don't go see him. it's dangerous to be out driving tonight anyway.

go see him! you're a bad girlfriend for not wanting to make out with your man at midnight!

you're a bad friend for ditching your other friends to go to a club.

aren't you young, beautiful and glamorous? get dressed up and have a night on the town! you won't be this fabulous forever, don't waste it by being a nerdy loser!

nerds aren't losers. club sheep are losers. stop denying your true self.

I've never been to a club on new year's eve, don't I need to go once to say I've done it? Especially this year, where I can walk up to the doorman and say, I'm on the list. I'm with the DJ. Isn't that too fabulous to throw away?

Parking will be a disaster.

Walking is good exercize.

m is working. it's always awkward when you go to his club and he's working, they force him to ignore you.

you'll still get to make out for thirty seconds. IN THE DJ BOOTH, LOOKING FABULOUS.
continue debate. also, my sister is with me and she's being NO help, she does not care what we do, only says that she'll be happy to come with me. le sigh.
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