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I get so ambitious in the morning on my days off. like, I'm going to re-organize the whole basement, then haul that pile of goodwill stuff off to goodwill, then clean the kitchen, then dust the shelves! then around this time, I'm just tired, and starting to admit that half that shit is not going to happen.

I feel pretty good today though so I've got that going for me. I went to target yesterday and bought some tylenol multi-symptom night time serious shiznit. They had to scan my ID for it so i'm being tracked for meth production now, but I took two pills before I went to bed and passed the hell out, and didn't wake up coughing like the night before.

divine ms. a and her man got us trivial pursuit for christmas... I think so they could kick our asses at it. they beat us the night we opened it, and we had them over last night and beat us again. wtf.

You could argue that trivial pursuit is inherently geeky, but I think it'd be cool to have a geek edition anyway. You'd start by getting rid of the sports category. Then dump all questions pertaining to people we don't give a damn about, like pop singers and romance comedy actors.

Proposed categories:
Blue - Movies & Television
Pink - Operating Systems
Yellow - Computer History
Brown - The Internet
Green - Science
Orange - Gaming

Sample questions:
Blue - What actor/director played the random scraggly drunk guy the hobbits notice on their way to the prancing pony in Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring?
Yellow - What year was ethernet invented?
Brown - What "effect" refers to a server crashing due to a sudden onslaught of blog-driven web traffic?
Green - Is a transistor a passive or active device?

you get the picture. I'm actually kind of shocked they haven't done it yet, you know?
Tags: geek culture
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