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M and I went out last night and saw Pursuit of Happiness, and it was amazing.

One of the things that got me to go see it was hearing about it from Pastor Adam Hamilton at COR, who brought the film up in his Christmas Eve sermon. COR is this gigantic United Methodist church south of Kansas City, and you can get Pastor Adam's sermons on podcast. I would highly recommend it... in the upcoming weeks he's going to be discussing religion and Christianity with respect to questions asked by atheists and it should be a very interesting series.

I'm so into podcasts these days. I don't even have an ipod, I just hear them on itunes, but whatever, here are my favorites:

Penn Jillette on freefm - good entertaining show with the libertarian slant that entertaining shows really need.

All three qdnow shows - grammar girl is the most popular, but I really like money girl too.

NPR podcasts - This American Life is the best show ever, I am so glad it's on podcast. I also get the story of the day, motley fool profies and all songs considered.

The Berkeley Groks - they've got such nerdy voices, they've got to be smart.

I'm kind of searching for a cool feminist podcast. I used to listen to the KPFA women's magazine one, but it was mostly about women being raped and abused all over the globe and was, hate to say it, too damn depressing.

So that's why I think everyone in the world should download itunes and get podcasts, because they are free and very fun.
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