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things that make spacefem feel bad

Dang it, why am I so damn tired? Last week I couldn't sleep until like 2 a.m. every night and felt fine, this week I have to take a two hour nap in the middle of the day and go to bed at 11:00 to survive.

I had an interesting conversation with fire_hazzard over the weekend about sleep. I was telling him how I couldn't relate to pres589 sleeping until noon some days at 8 a.m. other days, it would throw me off totally. Anyway, here's a rough idea of how the debate went:

Spacefem: How do people do that? I just can't screw up my schedule like that, I need consistancy!
Fire Hazzard: Schedule, what?
SF: You know, I have to wake up around the same time every day
FH: Why?
SF: Mainly so I can go to bed the same time every day. If I slept until noon it would be hard to go to bed at 11.
FH: It's never hard to go to bed... you stay up until you almost fall over, then you go to bed, fall over there, and are asleep. What's this 11 crap?
SF: Doesn't that make waking up a painful experience because you're up until 4 a.m. every day?!
FH: (now this is the key difference between us...) Waking up is a painful experience no matter what you do.
SF: Awe! No, mornings can be happy! Mornings can be nice an un-painful like they are for me!
FH: You can still be my friend, but something is seriously wrong with you.

Weird perspective he's got there. Anyway, I'm not meant to sleep in, I was always the kid at the slumber parties who woke up first and laid for a long time not knowing what to do feeling kinda alone in the world of sleeping people around me. Even if I stay up until 4 a.m. I don't sleep in naturally, I still wake up around 9 or 10 and just feel like crap the whole day. If it's up to me I'd wake up around 8 every day, go to bed around 11 every night, and be happy with the world.

morning people rock :)

In other news, I was sitting in english class this morning being a sick disaster for no reason when my teacher made a comment that she hoped I wasn't going to make the rest of the class that sick. That was when I realized I'd been sneezing and sniffing the whole time and was like, "But I'm not sick! At least, I haven't been, I don't know what this is at all!" I felt miserable and looked worse, I had no idea what spawned it.

That's when the girl beside me is like, "Were you the one who said you were allergic to cats?" and I'm like, "Yeah, why?" and she's like, "That's so funny! I've taken in like 8 stray cats this week, they've been rubbing all over me! Guess we shouldn't have sat right next to each other, huh?"


sickening creatures. now i'm even allergic to cat people, apparently.

But it's been a good day besides that, I promise!
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