Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

merry christmas!

we opened presents last night after church, it was very fun. so today has been relaxing, we watched a movie, ate cinnamon roles that mom made yesterday, listened to Handel's Messiah and played the first scrabble game, which I won, due to good timing on placing the X towards the end of the game. And, of course, because I am a genios.

I like my presents this year. Dad got me a nice new laptop bag (which makes me feel sort of bad, since I've already sort of beat the crap out of my powerbook), I got some cookie sheets and fun little stuff and a label maker. I need to buy batteries for it so I can label freaking everything, I love presents like that! And everybody liked the stuff I got them. Mom and my sister got cute trendy ballet shoes, because they're my thing this year. We've still got the "big family" gift exchange later tonight so that'll be an adventure as always.
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