Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

happy belated solstice!

wow, I haven't updated in a week and it's been such an exciting week! I'm going to become one of those "just check in" livejournallers. sadness.

without grad school, life is just like I thought it would be, it's fabulous! I drink wine every night. I go shopping after work. I arrive and leave work at the normal times everyone else does, since I don't have class time to make up. And I think about how fabulous I am, because *duh dun duh duh* I got straight As this semester! that's seven credits of 4.0 goodness, people, I needed this to balance out every other semester. Another revelation: I'm 17 hours into a 33 hour program. that means halfway through!

but no matter, the roommates left early and I've got the house to myself! so I cleaned the refrigerator (for some reason, i love cleaning the refrigerator at our house, throwing all my roommate's old nasty food away is satisfying). and I'm having dinner guests... marc and I are making chicken parmesean for divine ms. a and her man (mr. divine ms. a?), and then tomorrow I'll go home to see my real family. I bought them all fabulous presents, it'll be a great christmas.
Tags: graduate school
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