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I hate it when couples talk tell sickeningly cute stories about their relationship but act like it's sort of a problem, but in that sarcastic way, like, "darren is so silly when he brings me mismatched silverware with my breakfast in bed!" annoying enough to make me puke. but I'm totally going to do it, so if you're like me, don't read this.

marc and I have very different ideas about surprises, and when we get presents for each other, that's when it comes to light. I love surprises! Growing up, my dad would randomly tell us to get into the car and he'd take us somewhere without telling us, and it'd drive mom crazy but it was fabulous. I mean, we love him, we trust him, he's not going to make us lay asphalt or something, it's going to be cool! If it wasn't cool, it wouldn't be worth the surprise effort! So my favorite thing about Christmas is along those lines... I love wrapping presents as soon as I buy them, love seeing the packages all lined up, spend forever perfecting bows, and unless I'm a little worried I'll personally forget what's in them, I don't label ANYTHING. I don't want people even knowing that they're getting a present in that SHAPE from me. I mean, there are so many things... shirt boxes, jewelry boxes, DVDs, that are dead giveaways if you look at the box.

On the other hand, there's my boyfriend who can't stand surprises. When I took him to see Margaret Cho without telling him what the tickets were really for, he immediately had to assume we were going to see a movie, just to avoid the uncertainty. And it goes both ways... he can't keep secrets, he's a lot like that spy on austen powers who will tell you anything if you just ask him the same question three times. It's nice knowing he can't lie to me, but he's dying to tell me everything I'm getting for christmas. He's already given me all sorts of stuff, he comes home every other night with some surprise, and it's adorable but I'm starting to feel bad because I haven't brought home anything for him since Christmas officially started. It's to the point now where if he asked me to bring home cereal on the way home, I'd probably have it gift-wrapped and he wouldn't see it for two more weeks.

I've got stuff hidden everywhere in the house so he can't find it. I've shredded the packing slips from packages that came in the mail, and asked my roommate to immediately hide any mail order boxes if I'm not home when they arrive. He asks me all the time when he's getting and I'm not telling him. He asks me if I want to know what I'm getting and I tell him no, and he almost tells me anyway, I have to run out of the room when he gets that look like he's going to break down and spill it all.

So, yup, stupidly cute I know, but I wanted to write about it because I'm kind of curious who's more normal here, me or him. And lots of times when I journal about human nature someone makes an interesting connection about what this all says about us (besides pointing out the obvious ADHD symptoms). am I right, is it okay?
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