Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

I took my last final. I think I did crappy on it. oh well, I'll get a B, I've had lots.

You know what I forget every semester? That it's not really that comforting when it's all over. I mean, last weekend when I was only studying, all I could think about was The Countdown... how in (3.. 2... 1..) days I'll be free of this ever-present cloud of grad school over my head for a month. But then the end actually comes and you don't feel so free, you're more worried about how you did, or whether you learned everything you were supposed to (that's the big one). Did you study as much as you could have? Did you pay attention to everything in class? Is that nasty topic you never got about autocovariance going to creep up in some future semester and bite you in the ass?

so that's what I'm thinking as I'm finishing up this last paper... I'm wanting to do it better, have more information, be smarter, when I know it doesn't matter because I totally have an A in the class I'm turning it in for. I don't think I can handle a masters thesis... it'll be, like, 200 pages of self-loathing. and that's just the thesis. that doesn't include all the journal entries you all will be forced to read. yeah, seriously listen to me now, if I don't stick with the exit exam option get off my friends list for your own good.
Tags: graduate school
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