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I kid you not, one of my professors assigned a paper last night. Yes. It's due Wednesday. He says it was on the sylabus, a little random line about how graduate students would have to write a paper on a chosen topic, because the people who accredit the program need to see evidence that in classes available to both graduate and undergrad students, the grad students do more work. The way he said it I don't event think he's going to read it.

So yeah, it's 4-5 pages, and we get to chose the topic (which is almost worse, it's so vague) so I can probably pound this out in an afternoon. but seriously, it's one more damn thing that will take away from much-needed time studying for my impossible probability final. teachers are freaking nuts.

I've decided to write about microprocessor architecture to support simultaneous multi-threading, in case anybody here is into that. or wants to write a paper for me.

and I'm sort of in a bad mood, so here's an unrelated question: when judging someone's relationship, which we all know you do so don't even act like you don't, who pisses you off more:

1) Person A, who stays in a relationship expecting person B to change, with every intention of becoming an overbearing nag to pound person B into someone A wants to be with if it takes forever.

2) Person B, who's too wussy or lazy to leave a relationship where A will obviously never be happy with who B is, and who won't change because they don't value A's opinion enough to consider it anyway.
Tags: faulty relationships, graduate school
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