Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

ohmigod SNOW!!!

we got like... a lot of snow today! 6 or 8 inches maybe? all the schools were cancelled right off, before it even started snowing, because of the forecast. At work we watched the snow out the window, it was crazy. A lot of offices and stuff were closed around town but that's not really a possibility when you work at a giant airplane company. there aren't these nice breaks at the end of the day after everybody goes home and thinks about whether tomorrow should be a snow day, too. there's something like eight different shifts where I work, the whole place goes 24/7, if they send me home early they'll have to decide who to tell to not come in at all. but it was all good, we were warm and safe and ate lunch in the cafeterias and watched the company plows drive around outside.

and then CLASSES GOT CANCELLED! sweeeeet! all of us who're in school were like, phew, good thing. the roads are a mess, it's going to take us a long time to drive to the bars to celebrate classes being called off.

but I drove home instead, and adorable marc was there shoveling the driveway so I put on my snow boots and kept him company for a little bit, then played with the dog a little bit, then came in and now I'm having hot chocolate. it's amazing how the weather can redefine whatever you're about in a day, you know? nice.
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